CALL THE OFFICE AT 207-865-9998

In the event of an emergency:

  • Always call the office number first for instructions, 207-865-9998.
  • When paging the doctor on call, carefully enter your contact number.
  • Keep the line clear while waiting for your call back. If it takes longer than 10-15 minutes for a call back, please re-page as instructed.

Do not keep the pager number as a contact number for Dr. Judd or Dr. Solomon, and please do not post it on barn phone lists! It is important that you ALWAYS start with the office number first for current emergency coverage information.

In order to respond efficiently to emergency calls we must have correct contact information and we must be able to reach you as soon as possible. Valuable time is wasted when we receive pages with incomplete call-back information, and encounter busy signals when trying to return your calls. Occasionally an incomplete number comes through the paging system. If you do not receive a response to your page within 10-15 minutes, please repage. If still no response, call the office to confirm doctor on call.


emergencykitmedThis durable and secure container is easy to access in an emergency and very portable. The emergency kit contains everything you will need for the most common equine emergencies. Purchased individually, these products would be substantially more than the cost of the kit. We are happy to offer the contents of this kit at a discount to our clients.

Note: A current prescription is required in order to purchase prescription products.

The Equine First Aid Kit includes:

  • Diagnostic Instruments – Dose syringe, Basic instruction sheet, Stethoscope, Thermometer w/case, Scissors, Penlight & Weight tape.
  • Wound Care-Betadine scrub, Nolvasan ointment, Sterile Abdominal Pads, Non-sterile gauze sponges, Leg cottons, Roll gauze, Vetrap.
  • Medications – (Prescription and non-prescription items) Aluspray, Banamine, Phenylbutazone (Bute) tablets, Dexamethasone, Epsom salts, Eye ointment, Magnapaste, Simethicone 125mg (Gas X DS) tablets, SMZ-TMP 960mg tablets.

Please call the office at (207) 865-9998 or e-mail with questions or to order your kit today!